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The overwhelming desire to be famous among Nigerians.

DJ Spinall and Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates
     Over the years, reality TV shows have proven to be a gateway to fame and wealth. We have seen stars risen from shows like MTN Project fame, Glo Naija sings, The Voice Nigeria, Gulder Ultimate Search, Nigeria's Got Talent just to name a few. One very famous reality TV called the Big Brother Naija recently witness a large turnout in its audition venues held on the 1st and 2nd February across various cities in the country. It was reported that most venues were already crowded before 5 am and most venues could not adequately control the large number of people who came for the auditions. 
      The overwhelming desire to be famous among Nigerian youths grows geometrically each year. It is not only limited to reality TV shows. Social media has not been left out. We witness the sudden birth of stars via instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Of course everyone remembers the stories of Olajumoke the bread seller, Emmanuela and even Mr Spellz. What of people like Teni, Mayorkun, Johnny Drille and Picazo who all got signed to big record labels after uploading videos that went viral.

     It takes much fortune to get to that level but once you get there, you suddenly get lots of attention from viewers and brands. You become a brand gradually getting endorsed by many companies and brands wanting your influence on their products. Moreover your social media accounts gets flooded with likes, comments and followers at every little even irrelevant post you upload online. You become hot cake. Radio and TV channels want you on their shows and the blogs carry your names on their articles. At this point, you witness an addiction of zeros to account. This is the life most of us dream of. "I wan blow, I wan hammer...", an expression Nigerians are familiar with which literally means hitting the jackpot. 

      This is has made most Nigerians to get more involved in various sector of the entertainment industry. Show business seems to pay better than any other thing. Of course, it does. These guys sign contracts and endorsements worth millions of Naira while the intellects are given just a thousand Naira as reward for graduating as the best student. Think about it, have you ever seen the best JAMB, WAEC ,NECO student on any billboards or the best graduating student of any of our famous universities getting endorsed by any brand? Personally I haven't seen. Certainly our society recognizes sudden fame over intellect. Sad but true. 
      The youths are the driving force of the society and the future of every nation depend on the young people. What happens to the future of a nation when values are been underated every day? What happens to the gurus (the very intelligent ones) and the tech savvy? A society driven by trends and neglects the most fundamental things. 
    I would like to encourage every young person in Nigeria especially those who struggle to get famous doing something that is never their calling. Not everyone will be famous, not everyone will become a social media made star. Many sectors are opening up to us especially in the information technology industry. Get a sincere interest and passion. It's time we see a new generation of Chinua Achebe, Bill Gates and even a young Dangote. Diversify. Spend time to work on your true passion and make a name for yourself. Let's not be led by trends, you can make yourself a star in almost anything you do. We are a generation of untamed talents, people who can rewrite the African history. Let's do it


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