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Naija Guy Gist: Is it right to date your sibling's ex?

   Naija Guy Gist: Is it right to date your sibling's ex?

     Let's talk about this very important issue. Let's say my brother brings his girlfriend home and with time everyone gets to know her. Personally I find her very attractive and also very nice. We get talking and then I start developing some feelings for her but I say to myself, "hey, she nice and cool but it's a no go area because she already belongs to my brother." Eventually I decided to kill the feelings and just behave normal.
    Unfortunately, the relationship gets rough and they are at the verge of breaking up. She tries everything to make the relationship work but my brother doesn't want the relationship anymore. Yet, he does not call the relationship off. Meanwhile she walks up to me and tells me about everything. I definitely look for a way to make her comfortable and happy because she needs it at that time. Along the line, due to our continuous talks, she equally develops feelings for me and I also feel same for her but we both know we can't be together.
   On the other hand, my brother starts hanging out with different girls and this hurts his girlfriend more. I decide to confront him but he doesn't listen to me. Now, I really love his girlfriend and she loves me too. But I don't know if it is right to date her since my brother doesn't care anymore? What do you think I should do?


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