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How to Cultivate the Right Mindset

How to Cultivate the Right Mindset

   Have you ever wondered why some people get the most out of life and while others don't? Some people get very successful at what they do while others do the same thing but can't make out anything out of it. Some people have moved from extreme poverty to unprecedented wealth. While others have gone the opposite way and now left in misery,struggling to win a lost  battle against poverty.
   What's the difference between that man in the slums and the man living in a mighty mansion at the heart of the city? Analogically, there's no difference. It is simply a difference in the mindset. The way we think has a great effect on our lifestyle. The lion share goes to those with the lion's  mindset. It's impossible to get the most out of life with a bad mindset. As simple as it is, the quality of our mindset is directly proportional to the quality of our lifestyle. Take a look at the current state of your life and compare it with the kind of mindset you have.

   Unfortunately most people have not taken time to develop their minds. Their minds are shaped by their everyday activities, the people they encounter and the challenges they face. They chose this fixed mindset that refuses to change and challenge their status quo. This has limited them in life and now they live a mediocre life. “No! I prefer this place, don't want anything that will demand more from me, I chose to stay this way and I don't want to stress myself” That's their life and they are satisfied this way. One very choking thing about the fixed mindset is the desire to be wealthy, respected and  influential but they are not willing to move a finger just an inch, they don't want to break out. Always waiting for manna to fall from the sky. They are never willing to work their way to the top.

   On the other hand, we have these people who are always willing to challenge their status quo. Never satisfied until they accomplish purpose. In the midst of great challenges, they just know they can't give up. Always fighting on no matter what, ready to ignore their weaknesses and settle for nothing but the best. This is the growth mindset. “I know I am not that good but I'm willing to work it out, I'm from a poor background but that can't stop me from making it, well I don't college degrees ,in fact I'm not qualified but that can't stop me from achieving my dreams. Yes I have been rejected several times but I can't be weak, I will improve on myself till I become over qualified. I have no money now but I doesn't mean I will be broke forever, I can make it. This is the mindset that drives many to achieve great things. They are never limited by their present status or the surrounding circumstances. They know what they want and just can't give up until they get what they want.
     Do you realize the effect of your mindset on your life? Have you been limiting your mindset, making you a mediocre or even a failure? You need to change your mindset. Decide to obtain a dogged mindset geared at achieving great things. A mindset that realizes nothing is impossible but knows that the word “impossible” in itself is spelt “I'm possible”. Let's take a look at how to acquire the right mind that will enable us to get the most of life.

Develop a good morning routine

 What we do as we wake up has a great effect on our day. So it's important we develop a good morning routine. These days, most of us get to our phones immediately we wake up. Get to social media and absorb lots of information that may not be good for our consumption. Personally, I avoid my phone, make my thanksgiving morning prayers then to personal development materials. It may be a book, an audio file or video clip. It helps me develop a strong positive mind for the day's activities. Get books, audio files or video clips that will motivate you and help you cultivate a right mindset. Every morning consult them and watch how productive you will be in the day.

Set Goals and include deadlines

We all have things we want to achieve in life. We have this great idea we have always pictured in our hearts. We have this big dreams. Here are 3 very important things you should know.

  • A dream written down with a date becomes a goal.
  • A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan.
  • A plan backed up by action makes our dreams come true.
 Keep these three points in mind when setting up goals. Set your deadlines, strategize and execute immediately.

Surround Yourself with Right Energy

Right the energy means the right people and the right environment. Make sure you are constantly surrounded by the right energy. Keep friends who will motivate and encourage you towards your goals. “You're the average of the people your friends”. Select them carefully.
The right environment should be one that motivates you. There's a story of man who always drove to this very beautiful part of the town after work. He had always love that spot and everyday he got there, he always said to himself “I am going to buy this place very soon”. Been there everyday, motivated and encourage him to work harder. One day, he realized that he had bought a spot that was even more beautiful without knowing. He constantly challenged himself to keep his dream alive. Get a spot somewhere, it may be in your house,the street or the town. Just get a place that you gives the very real feeling of your dreams and get there daily. It helps the right energy into your mind towards living your dreams.

Connect to Divinity

  It's very important that you get connected to divinity. You need more than self determination to keep the right mindset. Some situations may charter your dreams and make you lose all hopes but when stay connected to God, He helps you in very difficult moments and makes you hopeful. Always pray about your dreams and ask Him to help you achieve them while giving you the right mindset to achieve them.

    Decide in your heart to change your mindset no matter what happens. Difficult times are there to shape us and teach us lessons that will be of value to us. Don't let depression kill your dreams, learn to always encourage yourself. Remember no one makes it in life by just living. No one makes it without facing very hard challenges. No one makes it without conscious efforts. You need to stop living and start existing. Get a decisive dogged mindset and never give up.


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