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     We must have started making plans for the new year. May be we want to improve our living standards, drop some habits, learn a new skill, lose weight, take our dream pursuit to another level. Yes, we definitely want to either change our lifestyle completely or make our lives even better than what it is presently. If we have thought of it then we have started drawing up our new year's resolutions.
   Some people have either written down or mentally adopted new year's resolutions. Unfortunately only very few people keep to these new year's resolutions. The rest of the people may stick to it within the first week, some,  two weeks and others few months.
   Sticking to these resolutions is awalys very hard for most of us. It becomes a big challenge. We find ourselves making new year's resolutions every new but never keep them. But why is it so? We desire to live to our full potential, drop some habits, get productive but we never keep that zeal.
   It's not about making new year resolution, it's about trying to figure out why we never keep them. What did we not do? How did we do it?  Was there something or conditions we never put it consideration? These are the kind of questions we need to ask ourselves at the very beginning of the year. Don't just rush to make new year resolutions without figuring out what went wrong with last year's resolutions. This is the first thing you should do. Make efforts to look back before making any decisions if not we will be the same and do same things for as long as we live.
  Now let's get to know 5 very important new year's resolutions we should make and how we can achieve them.

1) Develop the Right Money Attitude.

      Taking control of our finances should be a major objective for us this year. Developing the right money attitude can relieve us from the mental and financial stress we often experience. It's all about drawing a clear line between wants and needs, knowing exactly when and how to spend.

How to Achieve this: 

   Plan a budget for the year. Include the big projects, estimated income and expenditures that can't be avoided. Then get a record to track your income and expenses at all times so that you can figure out how you spend money. Secondly, start saving by getting a piggy bank. From the records, you could realize where to cut expenses and channel it to your savings.  Finally, the secret to finicial freedom lies in having multiple streams of income. Let your money work for you.

2) Acquire a Skill

       Acquiring a new skill this year is a good thing to consider. Get to learn something new, get engaged with it and discover something amazing about yourself. You may want to do it for fun or may be consider it as a means to increase your income stream. It may contribute to your finicial freedom.

How to Achieve this: 

     Discover an area of interest and dive into a skill related to it. It may be anything related to fashion, music, sports, arts or computer science. Whatever gets you interested and excited, dive into it and acquire the necessary skill related to that field. Today, one may virtually learn anything online. I personally use YouTube. 

3) Read Books

     Develop yourself by investing in books. Pick up a biography, a business book, a novel or maybe a documentary. Expand your knowledge by exploring good book from other fields. It will make you revelant especially when you find yourself with people from a school of thoughts that differ from yours. Trust me, it makes you a very interesting person. Remember leaders are readers. 

How to Achieve it:

   Reading might be challenging for someone who doesn't read but it doesn't mean such person may not find reading interesting. The easiest way is to start with very small books and with time you may decide to go for bigger ones. Draw up a reading plan. Decide to read a book every month and a chapter every day. If you do so, you will that you must have read 12 books in a year. If you are the reading type, you may read 2 books every month, resulting to 24 books in a year. It all depends on you. One thing is sure, your life can not remain the same after reading these books. 

4) Get Some Off Time

     Getting some off time can be very useful and healthy. You may be too engaged with work or some personal project that won't give you time to relax. As a result you may get worn out and may even develop a certain health issue due to stress. Getting some time off helps reset you mentally and physically too thereby making you more efficient.

How To Achieve It :

      Make good use of your free time by planning your day. Make sure plan short naps, have adequate rest and make sure you always go to bed on time. Also, plan vacations. Go far from home and your work place. This will speedily help you relax and make you more productive when you return to work. 

5) Regular Exercise 

     Regular exercises help us stay fit and healthy. No matter how busy you can be, mark out time to do exercises and be consistent. 

How to Achieve this:

   Basically, you can just do push ups every morning. Spend 15 - 20 minutes in your bedroom to do very simple exercises or visit a gym close to you and get yourself engaged during the weekends. This is important for people who are free only on weekends. But no matter how busy you are, you may decide to just take a walk or avoid the lifts and take the stars. Just make sure you keep a regular exercise routine

       These are basically 5 things we can add to our list of new year resolutions. Make an honest decision to make this year count for you. It takes sincerity, discipline and consistency to achieve your desired goals for the year. 


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