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How to Cultivate the Right Mindset

How to Cultivate the Right Mindset
   Have you ever wondered why some people get the most out of life and while others don't? Some people get very successful at what they do while others do the same thing but can't make out anything out of it. Some people have moved from extreme poverty to unprecedented wealth. While others have gone the opposite way and now left in misery,struggling to win a lost  battle against poverty.    What's the difference between that man in the slums and the man living in a mighty mansion at the heart of the city? Analogically, there's no difference. It is simply a difference in the mindset. The way we think has a great effect on our lifestyle. The lion share goes to those with the lion's  mindset. It's impossible to get the most out of life with a bad mindset. As simple as it is, the quality of our mindset is directly proportional to the quality of our lifestyle. Take a look at the current state of your life and compare it with the k…

Naija Guy Gist: Is it right to date your sibling's ex?

Naija Guy Gist: Is it right to date your sibling's ex?      Let's talk about this very important issue. Let's say my brother brings his girlfriend home and with time everyone gets to know her. Personally I find her very attractive and also very nice. We get talking and then I start developing some feelings for her but I say to myself, "hey, she nice and cool but it's a no go area because she already belongs to my brother." Eventually I decided to kill the feelings and just behave normal.     Unfortunately, the relationship gets rough and they are at the verge of breaking up. She tries everything to make the relationship work but my brother doesn't want the relationship anymore. Yet, he does not call the relationship off. Meanwhile she walks up to me and tells me about everything. I definitely look for a way to make her comfortable and happy because she needs it at that time. Along the line, due to our continuous talks, she equally develops feelings fo…


5 TYPES OF NAIJA GUYS YOU FIND IN VIEWING CENTERS     Football viewing centers have become a nice hangout spot for most Nigerian men. It's usually filled up with football fans during weekend league games and also very lively within the week for cup competitions especially the Champions League. People who may not have the privilege of having a decoder get to enjoy the games at a little token. Others may just don't want to begin the remote controller war with family members who have little or no interest in football or even want to stress their wives who love every other thing apart from football. While a good number of people find it exciting to watch the games at the viewing center with other people rather than watching it at home which they consider boring.
    The football viewing center see an inflow of different types of men. These differences contributes to the kind of exciting environment one experiences at the viewing center. Now let's get to know the 5 types of …

"Kiss and Tell", A Prevailing Attitude Among Nigerian Men

Whether at a hangout, party, bar, work, an event or in our apartments with our friends, we get talking about issues, trying to catch up with one another. The talks may vary from trends to sports and right down to our personal issue depending how close we are.      "Men will always be men" no matter what part of the world they are found. Men have found a kind of special interest talking about their flirting conquest. This is usually common among single young men though some married men get involved. Men become kin and very focused when it comes to the "kiss and tell" discussion. 

     For the sake of clarity, Urban Dictionary  defines "kiss and tell" as the act of learning intimate secrets about one's sexual partner and, especially after a one night stand or breaking up, telling most everyone else what those secrets are. Usually explicit or kinky in nature.      Nigerian men have not been left out and in fact the "kiss and tell" attitu…

5 Essential Skills You Must Have As An Entrepreneur

Apart from those who have the burning desire and right mentality, most people become entrepreneurs by circumstances. They are tired of waking up very early for work and been ordered around. Their salaries can't afford them the kind of life they want. Some of these reasons make them quite work for a venture they know little or nothing about. So they have this wonderful idea, they get a loan and they start up. Business seems good to them at first but along the way everything begins to play against them and eventually business gets fold up and they go back to penury. Why? Simply because they failed to get an in depth knowledge of what they are about to launch themselves into.
     Being an entrepreneur is far beyond what most people think. In Nigeria, when you hear about entrepreneurship, the next thing you see is; soap making, ankra bags, baking, paint making, liquid soaps and make up. We feel it is just to acquire a certain skill and then we launch ourselves in business.

Bad Money Habits That Will Keep You Broke For the Rest of Your Life

We may not realize that the manner in which we spend our money might be the reason we always end up broke. Though some consciously know that their habits affect their finances, others just don't want to believe that their habits may in anyway affect their finances. Checking our money habits becomes very necessary to save us from penury. So as the year begins, taking serious decisions to consciously check your money habits can save you and set you into a realm of financial freedom. Let's examine these bad money habits that will keep you broke for the rest of your life.
1) No Budget     Most people fail to budget. They rapidly spend the money as they get it. Of course, no plans, so anything that comes to them seem right to purchase. This kind of money habit will seriously affect your finances. Also failing to budget, may make you spend beyond your means. Therefore it's important that you plan by making a budget, so that you actually channel your money to the right so…


We must have started making plans for the new year. May be we want to improve our living standards, drop some habits, learn a new skill, lose weight, take our dream pursuit to another level. Yes, we definitely want to either change our lifestyle completely or make our lives even better than what it is presently. If we have thought of it then we have started drawing up our new year's resolutions.
   Some people have either written down or mentally adopted new year's resolutions. Unfortunately only very few people keep to these new year's resolutions. The rest of the people may stick to it within the first week, some,  two weeks and others few months.
   Sticking to these resolutions is awalys very hard for most of us. It becomes a big challenge. We find ourselves making new year's resolutions every new but never keep them. But why is it so? We desire to live to our full potential, drop some habits, get productive but we never keep that zeal.
   It's not about …

Should Women Propose To Men In Nigeria?

The proposal is always the debut of every marriage. Here, one party seeks the consent of the other party to spent the rest of their lives together. Afterwards, the wedding and the marriage proper.
   Nigeria, being very cultural and also religious country, men are always the ones to propose to the women. The man being the head of the family has the sole responsibility to propose to a woman he finds fit to marry.
    In the days of our fathers, the man always makes the first step. He gets his kinsmen and himself to see the father of the woman he intends to marry, seeks their consent and then fulfills every traditional rights. In modern times, things have remained the same, apart from the fact that Nigerian men have learnt to kneel and propose with rings.
    In present days, especially with the social media trend, few Nigerian women have started proposing to men. Such occurrences are been displayed in social media today. Women defy the standards and propose to men publicly.