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Overcome fear and get into action

           If you have once lost someone close to you, you may have realized that death comes unexpectedly. The greatest thought that may create fear in our minds is not the fear of death but the fear of not accomplishing purpose. What is that one thing that I really love doing, that one thing that makes me happy when I do it, that one thing I am passionate about, but what makes me not do it?
          Fear limited vision and low self-esteem are the greatest killer of dreams. It is what has kept many people doing what they are not interested in. It is the reason people keep doing jobs that they don't like. Monday morning becomes a whole big deal for them just because they hate what they are doing but can't stop because of fear. They don't see a life beyond that job, they feel like quitting that job is the ultimate end for them.
      This fear limited vision and low self-esteem is also the reason people stay in relationships where they keep been violated and abused. These people believe that they can't live without that man or that woman. They don't see themselves existing after that relationship. They don't see beyond it.
    Fear, False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear creates all sorts of limitations and facts that most times do not exist or are not real.
     "How do I overcome fear and get into action? " Quickly, here are ways you can overcome fear and get into action.

1) Self Motivation 

   Learn to talk to yourself. Most times the only good thing you hear about you, is what you say to yourself. You must always say good things to yourself. Start by saying "I can do it." Even when it looks like nothing is happening or impossible, always be yourself boaster. Never allow people talk you down.

2) Filter your thoughts 

 Take control of your thoughts. Only allow positive vibes in your mind. Keep away the news and statistics that may create negative thoughts. It doesn't matter what people are saying, it doesn't matter if statistics says it's impossible for your race, your background, your religion or whatever to accomplish that goal. Control your thoughts at all time.

 3) Document your thoughts 

 Keep a diary, write those thoughts, those ideas down. There are some life changing ideas that have crossed our minds at some point but we failed to document and work on it. It's time to start writing your thoughts down. Some of us have once seen some of the ideas we once had, being run by someone else. And the most amazing thing is ,the business is doing well. To you, you never thought the idea is worth it, you limited the idea in your mind and now someone has it working and doing well. Write them down no matter how small or stupid it may look.

4) Acquire knowledge 

  Read book, get tapes and attend seminars or workshop.  Get every relevant material that will push you toward your goals and dreams. Get to talk to people who can help you get to your dreams. Make sure you are surrounded by the right energy and right people to take you to your expected end.

    Finally get into action. Start taking a step, start doing something no matter how little it may be, towards getting the life you have always desired. The time is now. Life is in the now. Start now.
     Zig Ziglar defined fear in two ways.
-Forget Everything And Run
-Face Everything And Rise
  So the choice is yours. Stay in fear or overcome fear and get into action.


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