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It's Possible

       People live their lives in basically two ways. A fraction of them just live the ordinary live. They go through school, get their degrees, get married, have kids and then die. While the other fraction see life in a completely different way. They want more than the ordinary life. They have dreams, they have plans, there's something extraordinary they want to achieve.
      Unfortunately, most people don't get to their desired life. They end up not making their dreams come true. But "why?"
1) The fear of Failure: The thought of failing scares them and they don't even attempt to give it a try. Fear keeps them down. It limits them to live the ordinary life and they just make their dreams fantasies .
2) The fear of Success: They doubt their ability of handling it. Will they be able to maintain and manage the success?
3) Comfort: They get too comfortable with the life they are living and don't see the need for self development, no need to upgrade, no need to add things.
4) Some don't find themselves worthy of their own dreams. They feel they don't have what it takes. They don't have the required skills. They don't have a college training. They don't fit in. These excuses keep them at the spot.
    Dreams always seem to be bigger than us and in most cases we don't have what it takes to make them come true.  Friends and family may think we may be out of mind especially when we come from nothing. But it's normal. If our dreams are not breathtaking then it is considered a mere ambition. Even though it seem hard to say "I can" to our dreams, it will be easy to convincingly say "it's possible".
   We have to take full responsibility to make our dreams possible. We need to start cultivating the right attitudes and taking immediate actions that take us closer to our dreams. It may take long but what matters is not the time but the results you get. Make sure you make a step each day.
   "How to get started?" Quickly let's look at the basic things we need to do in order to get our desires life started.

 1) Charge your environment 

    Surround yourself with the right people. The company you keep matters a lot. You can be a lion and act as a sheep when you live among the sheep. If the people around you can't stare up the you in you, you will forever keep to the standard of their lives. "You are the average of the company you keep". If you dwell among losers, you unconsciously become and adopt the living standard of a loser. Make sure you are surrounded with people who can pull you up. People who have have like passions and people who actually have achieved great things in that field you desire to explore. Charge your environment with things and people who will keep you going and perhaps get you up when you feel weak.

2) Take responsibility

      You need to the consciousness that no one can do it except you. The dream was given to you and  you are alone own that dream. Therefore it is your responsibility to make it happen. Of course you will need people to help you get there but you won't get there if you don't take charge. You are the driver, you are the one on the steering and the help you get from people only guides you to your destination.

3) Don't Stop

     It's going to be hard. You will meet many obstacles. You will be hit hard. You will be rejected. You will be considered unqualified. You will be insulted, you will delayed, you will be at the verge of giving up. But you will discover yourself in every situation, you will discover your strength and what you are made up in the inside. You will only get stronger and stronger at every stumbling block you meet. Therefore do not stop. Do not give up. Some one's opinion of you doesn't have to become your reality. Keeping pushing, keep working because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, what drowns you only makes you fly higher. Don't stop. 

4) Write down your Motivations 

     Write down the reasons why you deserve to have those dreams come. Write the reasons why you need to be and stay on top. Some would just want to buy a house for their parents. Some may just decide to offer their families a better life, take them out of the slumps to the cities. Whatever your motivations are, write them down so that you can review them when you feel like giving up. Those motivations will keep you going. 

5) Pray Continually 

      This is the most important. You need more than physical help to get there, you need a spiritual backing. At that point when no words, no motivation can get you back, only prayers would. Commit your plans, your dreams to God for enablement and grace to get there. Every morning when you wake up, pray and ask God for help to get there.

   You are not an ordinary person therefore you do not need to live an ordinary live. You are from a rare breed hence you can't afford to live an ordinary life. You can get there, you can accomplish it. Why not get started now, start making it happen now. If you can't say "I can", try saying "it's possible".



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