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5 Shoes Every Naija Guy Should Own


      Do you know that the first thing women notice about you, are your shoes? Yes, your shoes. The shoe you put on has a way of describing your style and of course, the quality of your pockets. Good quality shoes cost a fortune. As a correct Naija guy, you need to pay good attention to the shoes you put on.  Shoes are just as important as the clothes you put on, in fact they add value to your clothes. 
   There are lots of shoes outside there. They just differ in design, color and purpose. Today let's look at 5 shoes every Naija guy should own. 

1) The Oxford 

    If you have ever thought of the kind of shoes you will wear for a friend's wedding or an interview, you definitely have had the oxford in mind. The oxford are originally from Scotland where they were commonly referred to as "Balmoral". These shoes formed out of boots were a product of rebellion of Oxford University students.
   Oxfords are distinguished by their closed lacing. Their eyelats tabs are stitched underneath the vamp (the top) of the show so that they aren't visible.
  Oxfords are considered the most suitable shoes for formal events. The oxfords are best worn with suits.

2) Sneakers 

    First known as plimsolls and made of rubber soles. Over time the shoes obtained many other nicknames like trainers and sneakers. It is believed that the American called it sneakers because one could easy move around with the shoes in a silent manner that is "sneak".
    The sneakers are widely worn by most people today because it's just so comfortable and also very suitable to move around with them. Nowadays, one can find a wide variety of designs. It all depends on the taste of the individual who makes a choice depending on what suits him best. 
   Sneakers are widely used as a causal wears. These  shoes are worn with shorts and jeans prefably. 

3) Boats 

    As the name implies, it was originally made for sailors. The inventor Paul A. Sperry had come up with his idea of boat shoes to overcome slippering after observing his dog who never slipped while it was on the boat.
    These shoes are designed with a siping pattern cut into the soles to provide grip on a wet deck while the leather is made to repel water and the stitches on these shoes are made to be durable.
  The boat shoes have been adopted by fashion designers to match casual wears. It's best worn with jeans and shorts too.

4) Boots

          Whether it's a Chukka, Chelsea or Dress boot, every guy should own one of these. Usually made of a soft sole and leather made to reach the level of the ankle. Some have laces while others don't. Getting a pair of boots tries to spice up your dress. It goes with a jeans or chino pants.

5) Sandals

     You would always find a pair sandals in every Naija guys closets. Well sandals have existed a long time ago and was commonly worn by Greeks and Eygptians.
     Sandals consist of a sole held to the feet by straps going over the instep and around the ankle. These sandals are referred to as open type footwears and, sometimes can have a heel.
   The most worn sandals in Nigeria are made out of leather straps and are best worn with the agbada and the senator. 

    Remember to always make the shoes look very clean because the shoes say a lot about your style and your class.



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