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How A Correct Naija Guy Should Celebrate Christmas

It's Christmas Eve and there's a lot going on at this time of the year. Every corner of the street, the malls, the offices and walkways are decorated to represent the Christmas. We have parties, shows,events, weddings and ceremonies taking place right now. The markets are not left out. There's a large influx of people buying and selling stuffs for the celebration. It's also evident on the roads, no parking spaces available as well as people traveling to various parts of the country to  be with their families for the season.
    In the midst of a lot going on, there's this great tendency that the Naija guy derails from the true essence of Christmas. So, it is therefore important that the Naija guy reminds himself of the significance of Christmas.
   According to J. C Penney, ‘Christmas is not just a time for festivity and merry making. It is more than that. It is a time for the contemplation of eternal things. The Christmas spirit is a spirit of giving and forg…

Why the Naija Guy Flirts With The Trendy Woman And Marries The Wife Material

The kind of woman the Naija Guy would like to be with depends on his individuality when it comes to the physical appearance of the woman, his age, the type of relationship he wants; whether it's a causal or serious relationship and on the time limit; is it a short or long term relationship. Based on his preferences, he goes for one and deep in his heart, he knows when he finds the right person.
   At tender age, the Naija guy might go for any woman who is available to date just because everyone else is in a relationship but as he grows older, he gets aware that it's not just about the fun of dating. Here he soughts a woman with whom he is going to spend the rest of his life with. So there's need for caution, monitoring and evaluation. He needs be very watchful so that he doesn't end up with the wrong partner.
   In Nigeria, the description "wife material" is used to define a woman who is physically, mentally, spiritually and at times financially fit for …

Why Every Naija Guy Should Own a Traditional Attire

Why Every Naija Guy Should Own a Traditional Attire  Traditional attires sometimes referred to as cultural attires have long been a way Africans have used to actually represent a particular tribe they belong to. Fortunately these attires have evolved to what it initially used to be and are now widely used together with the western outfits. "Ankara" as we refer to it in this part of the world is an essential when traditional attires are mentioned. One must note that despite the modernized traditional attire, our original cultural attires still remain the same when used for very official traditional occasions.
        I'd begin by sharing with you the auspicious feeling I had the day I put on a traditional attire  that I had been so avoiding due to my love for the western culture and all it’s attributes. While in my final year at the University we were mandated to take a picture for our graduations’ year book and before then I had this textile material popularly known as s…

It's Possible

People live their lives in basically two ways. A fraction of them just live the ordinary live. They go through school, get their degrees, get married, have kids and then die. While the other fraction see life in a completely different way. They want more than the ordinary life. They have dreams, they have plans, there's something extraordinary they want to achieve.
      Unfortunately, most people don't get to their desired life. They end up not making their dreams come true. But "why?"
1) The fear of Failure: The thought of failing scares them and they don't even attempt to give it a try. Fear keeps them down. It limits them to live the ordinary life and they just make their dreams fantasies .
2) The fear of Success: They doubt their ability of handling it. Will they be able to maintain and manage the success?
3) Comfort: They get too comfortable with the life they are living and don't see the need for self development, no need to upgrade, no need to…

5 Shoes Every Naija Guy Should Own

Do you know that the first thing women notice about you, are your shoes? Yes, your shoes. The shoe you put on has a way of describing your style and of course, the quality of your pockets. Good quality shoes cost a fortune. As a correct Naija guy, you need to pay good attention to the shoes you put on.  Shoes are just as important as the clothes you put on, in fact they add value to your clothes.     There are lots of shoes outside there. They just differ in design, color and purpose. Today let's look at 5 shoes every Naija guy should own. 
1) The Oxford 
    If you have ever thought of the kind of shoes you will wear for a friend's wedding or an interview, you definitely have had the oxford in mind. The oxford are originally from Scotland where they were commonly referred to as "Balmoral". These shoes formed out of boots were a product of rebellion of Oxford University students.
   Oxfords are distinguished by their closed lacing. Their eyelats tabs are stitc…

Darkness Encroaches, a world void of love

Much younger, we were taught about evolution which involved a change from the likeness of apes and to what we look like today. But I still wonder why we haven't evolved to something else, may be to winged humans. Personally I don't think we have evolved any further physically. The only thing that has changed is our lifestyle and moral standards.

  We're living a world where systems have been established, laws enacted and beliefs adopted. At first all this came up to ensure a peace coexistence.   Looking at how things have gone recently, man has been separated by these systems, these laws and believe. Man has been classified. Man who was initially supposed to coexist as one has been separated. We call some white and others have been called people of color.

       Classified according to their religions, we call some Christians, others Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and many more. Even to the indigenes of the same land, we have been separated into tribes.
      People have…

Overcome fear and get into action

If you have once lost someone close to you, you may have realized that death comes unexpectedly. The greatest thought that may create fear in our minds is not the fear of death but the fear of not accomplishing purpose. What is that one thing that I really love doing, that one thing that makes me happy when I do it, that one thing I am passionate about, but what makes me not do it?
          Fear limited vision and low self-esteem are the greatest killer of dreams. It is what has kept many people doing what they are not interested in. It is the reason people keep doing jobs that they don't like. Monday morning becomes a whole big deal for them just because they hate what they are doing but can't stop because of fear. They don't see a life beyond that job, they feel like quitting that job is the ultimate end for them.
      This fear limited vision and low self-esteem is also the reason people stay in relationships where they keep been violated and abused. These…

10 Must Have Wardrobe Essentials for every Correct Naija Guy

A correct Naija guy should have these classic and fundamental wardrobe essentials. In general, these wardrobe essentials suits every guy no matter your body shape, body size and your dress sense. These wardrobe essentials will be grouped into 4 categories.
A. Accessories
B. Tops
D. Shoes
A. Accessories 1. A Watch
It is the safest piece of jewelry to wear especially for guys who don't know how to wear jewelries. A watch as an accessory is not too much or too small. It is just very essential to have one. So get at least one watch that will suit you in every dress style.  

2. A pair of sunglasses    Yes, a good pair of sunglasses for yourself.  Get good frames that suit your face shapes. It is important you know your face shape to enable you select the appropriate frames that will fit your face well. 
B. Tops3. A White T-shirt
Every Naija guy should own a white t-shirt. It a very comfortable. A white t-shirt is great as a casual wear. You can put it in suits too.

4. An OxfordTo make …