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The Naija Guy and His Oliver Twist Nature.

The Naija Guy and His Oliver Twist Nature. 

   A Naija guy finding himself in the most populated black country in the world, where of course, the female population is more that of the male, gives him a very large variety of choices to make.
   It now depends on his preferred spec of lady he wants. He may like them short or tall, fat or slim, fair or dark, educated or not, bold or shy, to some extent, fake or real. Of course! Fake or real. In this age, ladies can be anything they want. Ranging from fake boobs, fake ass, thick facial foundations, eye lashes and lot more. So a guy needs to really consider his choices.
  Unfortunately, most guys can't just keep to that one lady. Naija guys always want more. Give a Naija guy, one thousand ladies to make a single choice; then watch how he walks with the choice he made while looking back and regretting the other choices he didn't take. It then becomes obvious that they all have this Oliver Twist nature in them that makes them want more.
  Now let's take a critical look at the various classes of Naija guys with the in born Oliver Twist nature.
1. The Manager
  This class of Naija guys have a good mastery in handling many ladies. Just as football managers, they draw formation settings that describes, analyzes and strategies the relationship with each lady. They are  so good that they make each lady feel like she is the only one they have. They carefully study the ladies in their team, taking note of her lifestyle, her character and her daily routine.
  This information helps them to draw up a visiting roaster for each lady. And trust them, no two ladies schedule can clash and if the contrary happens and there is asituation, they easy settle things.
   As a manager he can't do this alone. He is always surrounded with his male friends that help play the game better. This class of Naija guys keeps a serious relationship with very few of the ladies and a "friends with benefit" with other ladies who wishes to capture his heart some day.
2. The Zlatans
  This class is derived from the Swedish player Zlatan Ibramovich. Guys in this class are full of pride and also arrogant. They always possess this sense of superiority and dominance. Of course these guys are handsome,very successful and rich. They can offer the world to the ladies.
   They keep several ladies without even hiding it. It's left for the lady to stay and enjoy the money or leave.  Unfortunately most ladies who get into relationships with guys from this class have little or no say in the relationship.
  In this class, the guys don't necessarily keep a relationship with any of his ladies; it is mostly causal. The day the lady is available fine, otherwise a phone gets another lady to him
3. The "everywhere you go"
   Just as the name implies, guys in this class build a network of ladies where ever they go. Usually most guys in this class, are involved in the kind of job that takes time places. Perhaps, the need for a female companion may arise and all that is left for them to do is to contact the most available lady in that region they find themselves.
  These guys are usually smooth talkers, funny and charming. Luring ladies is quite a very easy task for them. A striking fact about guys in this class, is their ability to keep long, casual relationships with intimacy.
4. Playactors
   The wolves in sheep clothing. This class of guys always fake it or pretend to be who there are not. One can find them mostly in religious places. They turn to be one of the very active members, doing great things and attracting people with their talents and serious engagement in handling every task given to them.The sisters in church always admire such guys and easily fall for them.
   Of course at first one will consider them good and worthy to be emulated. Once their victim get lured into their webs, they never fail to attack. They use the religious activity umbrella to cover their true personality and commit lots of atrocities with female members and yet keep clean records. But they are careful not to engage themselves with so many female brethren because if they do, their secrets may be exposed. So they always lower their rate of involvement.
  A key factor to their successful flirting is the fact that most religious members don't discuss their intimate activities for fear of judgement. So the guys in this class easily do their things underground.
  Well, guys in this class may keep intimate relationships with most of their ladies as long as it is kept in the shadows.
5. Incognito
   Incognito aka silencers. Guys in this class are very dangerous. They flirt with lots of ladies and even the ladies of their closest pals. He strikes in silence and never mentions. Just as if nothing ever happened.
  The adopt the stratey of walking on waters without causing ripples. No one ever knows what they up to. All it takes them is interest in a lady. Their interests drives their zeal and which in most cases works for them.
  They love taking advantage of circumstances. They sit and wait for the slightest opportunity to attack especially when the lady may be depressed or stranded. That's the perfect moment, they show up like Angel only to take advantage.
   This class of guys keep mostly no or little casual relationship.
  This doesn't mean a correct Naija guy can't be faithful. We have lots of them especially the guys that repent of the Oliver Twist nature. Real love exists and somehow and at peak point, a Naija guy will definitely find that one lady who makes him stops.


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