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Who is the Correct Naija Guy?


Who is the Correct Naija Guy?

Most fashion magazines and bloggers rank Nigerian men among the top 5 most handsome men in Africa. Of course, it's of no doubt that Naija guys easily blend into fashion trends and they have learnt to develop a unique style in their personality and in the way they dress. Unfortunately, most Naija ladies  may not agree to the statistics and personally I don't know why? Well let's leave that issue and focus on "who is a correct Naija guy?"

1. He is one who reps his origin. 

A correct Naija never fails to represents his people. No matter where he finds himself in the world, he tries to identify  with same blood. This happens mostly when they find themselves out of the country. Outside there it doesn't matter whether his fellow guy is Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa even though to a Naija guy it makes more sense to him when he meets a brother from the same tribe. 

2.  He is never gets intimidated.

Intimidation is never for a Naija guy. They have this dogged and furious approach to life. To them, if Mr. A can make it, I  can also do same even much better. Naija guys no dey take last. 

3. He is outstanding. 

Take a critical look at various economic sectors. You will always find one or two Naija guys making the top list. I am trying to over rate them. Just google it

4. He has a great fashion sense.

A correct Naija knows how to dress properly. His dress sense represents his personality and status. It doesn't  matter whether he is rich or not. It's all in his packaging. He must always look good and presentable at all times especially for the ladies. Truth be told, most Naija guys to impress.

5. He is a playboy.

Sorry guys but this is very true. Naija guys a pretty good players. Only very few stick to one woman, the ladies can testify. Naija guys are always in a constant competition among themselves. Some guys will say " we dey run the same race but na the person wia put ring win". This means that  the man that puts a ring on the finger of the lady, is the winner otherwise the man is simply in a competition with other men. One must note that the competition is a fierce one. Money, status and background comes into play. So a true Naija guy must always keep up to standard. 
Nevertheless you still have naija guys and ladies who stick to each other in thick and thin.

6. He is a smooth talker

Smooth talking is an essential skill, a Naija guy must have. If you have met one, you will definitely agree with me. These guys can talk someone into doing anything and at anytime. That's why if you are not careful enough you may be deceived by their sweet, assuring and comforting words.

The correct Naija guys are just exceptional in their lifestyle and that's what makes them unique and different from other men. 


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