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Emotional Man, the inner struggle of a Naija Guy


Emotional Man, the inner struggle of a Naija Guy

As humans, we deal with emotions on daily bases, be it positive emotions that trigger us into happiness and excitement, or negative emotions that makes us sad and sorrowful. Basically every individual reacts to these emotions in their own unique style. Society sometimes allow the women, the weaker sex, to physically react to their emotions but they expect are man to be strong and in control of his emotions especially the negatives once  
Managing and being in control of emotions is one thing every Naija guy should know. But how do they go about negative emotions that must be concealed inside as proof of strength. One must note that this emotion is a force, a stir up from the inside and when these emotions are concealed within it becomes very dangerous and unhealthy.
Men especially Nigerian men have shown a common trend in dealing with their negative emotions. Some allow their emotions make them violent resulting to domestic violence cases, others resulting to excessive drinking and smoking; The bars become a comfort zone to them and alcohol the best companion at the time. Men who are not violent and also can’t find refuge in drinking and smoking, always look for way to discharge this stirring up. Whatever the case, this negative emotion always finds a way out.  “How do we manage this negative emotion as men?”

    Avoid reacting immediately 

     Our emotional state can make us say or do things we may regret for a long time. Of course, it’s a force pushing us into fast irrational action. Stop, take a deep breath and stabilize the overwhelming impulse. Try to hold full control of yourself till your heartbeat normalizes. When you become calm, tackle the situation appropriately.

   Change your thoughts 

      Negative emotions generative negative thoughts. Always learn to take full control of your thoughts by feeding it with positive vibes. Get different perspectives of that situation generating negative emotions in you and soon you will realize a better way to deal with that situation

    Look beyond what happened

         Of course, seeing the bigger picture makes you realize that such a situation happened because of some reasons you may not realize at moment. Acceptance is the key. Just move on.

    Discharge the emotions in a healthy way

           Emotions need to be discharged and finding a healthy outlet is very essential.  You may talk to someone, keep a journal to pen down your pains or take a walk. Some people engage in aggressive exercises, such as boxing or martial arts to discharge these emotions. Perform what best suites you.

     Let go:

          Letting go is sometimes very hard but must be done. Bearing grudges against that situation or person is simple imprisoning yourself. You become the prisoner of your own mind and you give that situation much relevance in your life. Forgive and be free  

     Seek divine guidance

            In our darkest moments, divine guidance goes a long way to relieve us from such feelings. This is because when you believe in a higher force, you also believe in the power of divine intervention to show you what you must do, teach you why something is happening or even save you from a certain unwanted situation.

It’s expected that a Correct Naija Guy should be in total control of his emotions and properly manage such emotions when they get overwhelming. Remember you a key figure, a leader, an alpha male and a mentor.


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