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Be Responsible; think, act, talk and live responsibly


Be Responsible; think, act, talk and live responsibly

   Being a correct Naija guy or in general a man, is to be accountable for everything in your life. You have to be responsible for what you say and do at all times. It doesn't matter how good or bad the consequences of your actions are but what's very important is taking full responsibility for the outcome of those actions.
   Of course we were born with little or in most cases no responsibilities. As we age, we acquire lots of responsibility. Responsibilities as kids could be as  little as dish washing, homework, dance lessons; As we grow older, bigger responsibilities come in, such as the family's well-being, jobs, earning, spending and saving money.
  It's challenging to be responsible, but once you are honest to yourself and consistent, responsibility because a nature and a lifestyle. One may ask how can I be responsible, think responsibly, act responsibly, talk responsibly and live a responsible life? Here are very few things you can start doing to be responsible. I called the the premier steps to responsibilities.

1) Blame Yourself First

  Most of the time, when things go wrong and progressively slow, there's this tendency to either blame other people or make excuses. You need to stop the blames and say to yourself " I am completely responsible for this outcome". Sit down and take a critical look at what was involved, what steps you took and what were the consequences of what you did. By doing so, you get a clear picture of what to do and what not to do. Blaming others and making excuses, will only make you a less successful person. So start by blaming yourself.

2) Stop Procrastinating

   Procrastinating makes one never do or achieve anything. It only makes you a less productive person because you will spend the rest of your life saying " I will do this later or in a few hours " . The end point is you may never get it done. Personally, procrastination acts like a virus that slowly and steadily kills one and renders such person a failure in life.
   Hence, whatever you are suppose to do, do it. Life is in the now not in the later. Once you learn how to do things on time, you acquire a sense of accomplishment and joy for doing it. Remember "a stitch in time saves nine". Do it now before it gets too late.

3) Learn to be Consistent

  Take charge of your life by developing a routine and also learn to stick to it and be consistent. Routine means order, and this means that you are on the right track. You should make a schedule for your work and personal tasks. If a few things are repetitive during the week, keep them that way. Getting off your schedule could ruin your whole routine and leave you off-balance. Avoid lazing around when you are suppose to be doing something at that time.
   Most times people come up with well structured schedules that gives them the impression of been organized. But along the line, things may come up. In this case, come up with a flexible schedule to accommodate changes and update them over time till you get a perfect one. This help you to be consistent always.

4) Manage Your Finances

  Finance is an important aspect of your life especially as an adult. You will have to earn money to take care of things like bills, health and other things. Knowing how to properly manage your finance will save you from debts and money related issues. Most people only remember to save or invest when they run low in income. The right attitude is to save or invest money and then spend the rest. Not spending money and then saving or investing the rest. Being responsible means been accountable for your money.
  For you to be taken serious and be respected, you need to manage your finances very well. You need to understand the difference between wants and needs. Get books about personal finance, get advice from experts and build up your money skills. Remember it good to make money and also very important to learn how to keep and spend money.

 Being responsible means that you are in control of everything you do. You do not let others take the blame, or forget about your friends and family. It is  a choice every man and every correct Naija guy should make. It makes you strong and gives you relevance in society. People will look up to you and also trust you with big thing because they are sure you can handle them. Be responsible, think responsibly, act responsibly, talk responsibly and live responsibly. 


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