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A Naija Guy's thought

Life is just an open space left for us to design. Unfortunately, we don’t design it immediately we are born. Our parents help us to by making all the choices for us. Some parents have really help their children to make the right choices but others have created a whole mess with the choices they make for their children. Many people live a life they never wanted all in the name of keeping family legacy. Others live the life their parents had always wished for but couldn’t. No matter how successful this people become, there’s still this emptiness in them. An emptiness created by lack of accomplishing purpose. On the other hand, you have people whose parents were sensitive enough to place them on the track on their destiny. They helped them and encouraged them to pursue purpose. I consider these ones the fortunate kids. In Nigeria, most parents decide what their children are going to do in life without even asking the opinion of their kids. It’s normal to hear Nigerian parents say…

Drug Abuse, the peril of a Naija Guy

3.Sedative, hypnotic, or ant anxiety drugs

As these substances quell or depress the nervous

Emotional Man, the inner struggle of a Naija Guy

As humans, we deal with emotions on daily bases, be it positive emotions that trigger us into happiness and excitement, or negative emotions that makes us sad and sorrowful. Basically every individual reacts to these emotions in their own unique style. Society sometimes allow the women, the weaker sex, to physically react to their emotions but they expect are man to be strong and in control of his emotions especially the negatives once Managing and being in control of emotions is one thing every Naija guy should know. But how do they go about negative emotions that must be concealed inside as proof of strength. One must note that this emotion is a force, a stir up from the inside and when these emotions are concealed within it becomes very dangerous and unhealthy. Men especially Nigerian men have shown a common trend in dealing with their negative emotions. Some allow their emotions make them violent resulting to domestic violence cases, others resulting to excessive drinking and smoki…

Be Responsible; think, act, talk and live responsibly

Being a correct Naija guy or in general a man, is to be accountable for everything in your life. You have to be responsible for what you say and do at all times. It doesn't matter how good or bad the consequences of your actions are but what's very important is taking full responsibility for the outcome of those actions.
   Of course we were born with little or in most cases no responsibilities. As we age, we acquire lots of responsibility. Responsibilities as kids could be as  little as dish washing, homework, dance lessons; As we grow older, bigger responsibilities come in, such as the family's well-being, jobs, earning, spending and saving money.
  It's challenging to be responsible, but once you are honest to yourself and consistent, responsibility because a nature and a lifestyle. One may ask how can I be responsible, think responsibly, act responsibly, talk responsibly and live a responsible life? Here are very few things you can start doing to be responsibl…

4 Annoying Things Nigerian Men Do Without Knowing

There are somethings that have become norms in this part of the world but are really unacceptable. If you are found guilty of any of these practices, just make sure you do your best to amend your ways.
1) Loud Arguments
  Most Nigerian men are guilty of these especially football fanatics. Shouting and arguing about football facts and creating nuissance.
  Guys common, argumentative conversation can be very educative when it's kept normal. You must not shout to make a point. Please let's learn to keep it calm and normal.

2) Revealing Underwear
   It doesn't matter the brand of your underwear. No one seriously wants to know whether it is Gucci, Luis Vuitton or Puma. Imagine a white underwear turned brown with sweat lines all over looking like designs. An underwear that has been worn for several days and stuffed inside gradually produces a smell that can be a potential danger to the environment. It's just a capital NO. Learn to dress properly and presentable at al…

The Naija Guy and His Oliver Twist Nature.

The Naija Guy and His Oliver Twist Nature. 
   A Naija guy finding himself in the most populated black country in the world, where of course, the female population is more that of the male, gives him a very large variety of choices to make.
   It now depends on his preferred spec of lady he wants. He may like them short or tall, fat or slim, fair or dark, educated or not, bold or shy, to some extent, fake or real. Of course! Fake or real. In this age, ladies can be anything they want. Ranging from fake boobs, fake ass, thick facial foundations, eye lashes and lot more. So a guy needs to really consider his choices.
  Unfortunately, most guys can't just keep to that one lady. Naija guys always want more. Give a Naija guy, one thousand ladies to make a single choice; then watch how he walks with the choice he made while looking back and regretting the other choices he didn't take. It then becomes obvious that they all have this Oliver Twist nature in them that makes them want …

Who is the Correct Naija Guy?

Who is the Correct Naija Guy? Most fashion magazines and bloggers rank Nigerian men among the top 5 most handsome men in Africa. Of course, it's of no doubt that Naija guys easily blend into fashion trends and they have learnt to develop a unique style in their personality and in the way they dress. Unfortunately, most Naija ladies  may not agree to the statistics and personally I don't know why? Well let's leave that issue and focus on "who is a correct Naija guy?"
1. He is one who reps his origin.  A correct Naija never fails to represents his people. No matter where he finds himself in the world, he tries to identify  with same blood. This happens mostly when they find themselves out of the country. Outside there it doesn't matter whether his fellow guy is Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa even though to a Naija guy it makes more sense to him when he meets a brother from the same tribe. 
2.  He is never gets intimidated. Intimidation is never for a Naija g…

Welcome to The Correct Naija Guy Blog

Welcome to the Correct Naija Guy blog. Let's embark on a journey that reveals to us what it means to be a guy in Nigeria.
Believe it or not, all Nigerian guys have something in common whether you live in the slumps of Ajegunle or the great mansions of Victoria Island.
Lifestyle in general will be covered including some things the Nigerian guy won't mention to his fellow guy. It's educative and it entails real life experience from my own life and that of people have met.
Please I don't intend to use this medium to blackmail (any related actions) anyone or organization. Believe me, it's going to be general and never personal.
Make sure you stay in touch for very exciting and interesting issues that portray the struggle and glory of being a Nigerian guy